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Mercari Comments

CajunDaizee says: (3 years ago)
This site is nothing but a breeding ground for honest people to get ripped off. Their Buyer Protection sounds great until you actually try to contact customer service through their "Help Center." They should call it the "No Help Center!" If you buy anything, hope it's from an honest seller and make sure it's money you can afford to lose if not. And you also better hope after the seller marks it shipped that you receive it within a few days because the seller can request that their funds be released even if you have not received your purchase! So many issues I can't even list them all. Just don't expect customer service to help you if you have an issue. USE THIS SITE AT YOUR OWN RISK! You have been warned.

4569angel89119 says: (4 years ago)
Seller here sold a 12 dollar item and they said my bank account gor deposit was wrong stole all of it from me . Funny when I needed s 20 dollar refund it wrnt thru my debit card to the so called non eorking account so why not the 12 bucjs , they ignored the bbb slso when I contacted them for help . beware don't sell a damn thing on this site you'll get screwed out of the sale and shipping costs. Alert consumers sbout this . Oh ty mecarri for indefiemtly banning me ftom you site best idea ever now refund my 12 bucks you theifs .

jhawaii808 says: (4 years ago)
This site is a joke. I few of my items were flagged and removed due to mercaris policies...however I see a lot of other people selling the same stuff that was removed and flagged from my listings. Why only punish some and not all!? Not to mention you can't really ship an item out for $3-standard shipping. Prices here are $5+ (Hawaii) due to weight. They really need to update their options on shipping and possibly include shipping methods such as flat rate shipping. And I dont get why we have to rate when the person you sold it to receives the item...what if they dont ever rate? You lose out not only on your item but the money that just in limbo.
Overall its good in some ways not bad in some ways.

MAYJUR says: (4 years ago)
ladies please be careful when purchasing used purses I bought a used coach bag it said some wear and tear and a couple of stains when I got it. it was a lot of WEAR AND TEAR I had to email MERCARI about 4 times no number to really get in touch with them after 3 weeks I get and email 10:30 pm that my transaction was completed REALLY so PLEASE be careful what you am out of 40.00 and have a DIRTY NASTY PURSE.

star5carri says: (4 years ago)
This sites communication aspect is none existent body answers the emails and there are a lot of scammers beside the fake that one lady was mad I left her only good feedback not great because the item was not as described so she want around flagging my comment ,saying they were rude when none of them were and mercari didn't even check to see what my comments are ,just tells me if I keep getting flagged I will be removed ...smh

Wpfloyd2 says: (4 years ago)
I sold 2 pairs of Mek Jeans, the buyer recived them before New Year, and wont leave a rating. So i havent got paid yet and Mercari staff has yet to respond to several of my emails. I feel like i got robbeb, is it that easy to steal from people on here, Mercari dont care!

Mcat says: (4 years ago)
I am trying to get a hundred dollar refund as a seller has now refused to ship an item and I can't get in touch with anyone. I am very upset and want my money

Jesstyle1 says: (4 years ago)
Mercari at this stage seems to be about as productive as placing an ad in the newspaper classifieds. No social aspect to this app, yes you can share listings but only to FB it twitter. Limited features! Had a long way to go before being compatible to Poshmark or Vinted and other apps of this type. The $1 credit is a joke when like apps offer $5-$7. Overall I am not very impressed so far

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