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Mercari Reviews

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    I purchased shoes on here for 50$ and the seller told me they were a 8.5 but it was a 8 and they were too small and I contacted mercari and told them and they said they can't give a refund? So basically I got cheated out 50$ and a pair of shoes that don't fit, this has happened before, they don't care at all, they just want money money money I'm thinking of deleting app because they are so careless and greedy, if you download it prepare to run into many problems just saying More...
    (Online Shopping - Sponsored by AMAZON.COM)
    Jaechristine's Picture   Jaechristine    0 Comments   Comments
  • They my account deleted

    I received a msg saying that I had Invitational Credit Abuse. This was impossible because I legitimately just tell my friends to download the app and use it for themselves, but I haven't told anyone to do it in 2 weeks. Earlier that evening I had gotten into a bartering fight with this girl about how I wasn't going to lower my prices. I believe she reported me and I had my account removed. That is simply outragous. I had been using Mercari for many years and I'm very sad to leave. I can't even contact the company to tell them what happened. More...
    (Online Shopping - Sponsored by AMAZON.COM)
    Annamay's Picture   Annamay    0 Comments   Comments

    Please remember, the Mercari team is ran by teenagers who give 0 F***''s about you, always know this. I (was) a seller. I sold tons of stuff. I wrapped my packages in pink mailers, pink tissue paper, pink ribbon and glittery pink thank you cards with had written notes W/ a free gift that anyone could use, along with shipping the girls order the next day. I've always gotten great reviews (170 ) until a NEW user rated me "good". I messaged her to ask what was wrong, she told me she loved everything, tissue paper, mailer, note (in her own words) etc, but she rated ME... More...
    KittyKat55's Picture   KittyKat55    2 Comments   Comments
  • Company Contact Info

    On 6/11/17, received notice of Account Suspension INDEFINITELY from selling & purchasing. Mercari will not allow Direct Deposit or a check of my account balance of $210.30 from previous sells. I have filed a complaint with the San Francisco Better Business Office & California Consumer Complain Division. Mercari closes sellers accounts & literally STEAL any money on your account. Filing a complaint can stop this abuse! Mailing Address & Headquarters Phone #: Mercari PO Box 171 San Francisco, CA 94104 Tele: 925-642-0564 Hope this helps the next MERCARI victim. More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    btmcneil89's Picture   btmcneil89    2 Comments   Comments
  • payment not recieved

    I have sold my shoes on mercari for 50.00. They said that it was processed may1st 2017,here it is may13 2017 no payment. Try to contact someone is not possible.they are in japan.its foul how they can just get away from not paying people their money but quick to take their percent out but never wanna give the money thats owed to the person who sells the items. DO NOT EVER DOWNLOAD THIS APP. YOU WILL BE SCAMED OUT OF EVERYTHING. More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    Jokerswife's Picture   Jokerswife    2 Comments   Comments
  • Banned me and cancelled my account for lies by them

    This site is horrible! They cancelled tv I bought from someone simply because I asked them to reach out to customer who hadn't responded. They kept several several of my dollars because I shipped items myself and the buyer still paid for shipping to which they said they sent me prepaid postage despite never being used. Next they gave me a stiff warning because I used the word trade in a message to a seller. I asked if they'd trade out one color from two separate listings. Mercari said they reviewed communication yet they issued warning! Next they shut down my account because I was... More...
    MsBrwn's Picture   MsBrwn    1 Comments   Comments
  • Mercari App - Worse Selling app there Try POSHMARK OR VINTED is Better

    This is the type of SELLERS Mercari likes to keep 1. Sell counterfeit items 2. Sellers with no customer service 3. Sellers that do not like to answer questions on their items Does not matter if you are a good buyer or seller, they prefer to have people who sells or purchase item regardless of authenticity with no complaints. They cherry pick who they want to keep and kick out anyone they want. They usually kick out only the good buyers and sellers. Be warned when using this app. Better to go on Vinted - Better Customer Service and Lower Fees. More...
    lilwaif's Picture   lilwaif    0 Comments   Comments

    So I sold a michael kors purse of mine for 110 which was lost in shipping so mercari cancelled the transaction and refunded the money to the buyer. I recently found out the purse was finally delivered about a month ago so I reach out to the buyer, no response. I then contact mercari through the helpline (which is completely frustrating, they need to have a helpline number) and THEY SENT BACK AN AUTOMATED MESSAGE. It basically said they cannot release the funds because they were refunded to the buuer before the purse gor delivered. I was so angry I sent ANOTHER MESSAGE demanding they pay me... More...
    (Online Shopping - Sponsored by AMAZON.COM)
    kathlynevaeh's Picture   kathlynevaeh    1 Comments   Comments
  • Horrible business to be involved with

    As a seller on Mercari, I was advised that I was selling something fraudulent, when I asked what I was selling that was fraudulent, they only sent me a vauge letter back saying I didn't follow the rules, and banned me for 24 hours...wouldn't tell me what I did wrong. I had a buyer purchase a shirt, she didn't like it and tried to say I sent the wrong item, Mercari approved it and when I got it back, it WAS correct and the buyer stained it. When I sent a message to Mercari regarding this, they never got back to me. I even had a buy break something, and want a refund, Mercari... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    sugarbutt73's Picture   sugarbutt73    0 Comments   Comments
  • Not appropriate sellers

    I was really interested in this cute stuffed rabbit, I was just wondering about how much it would be for free shipping, so I commented on the rabbit and I said, " how much for free shipping" she said " you're kidding right". Then I said nope and I said like 10 and free shipping, then I glanced at her bio at it said no free shipping, so I went back and said never mind thx, the. She commented back and said " yeah next time you're gonna message someone please read the description first. I'm blocking you for your ignorance. Bye." And o was shocked... More...
    Orange119's Picture   Orange119    0 Comments   Comments
  • No payment

    I sold 2 gift cards totaling $100- for $40 to a buyer. I researched thru Mercari to see what others were charging for these items in order to have a competitive price. The cards were purchased. Today once notification came thru that they were delivered to the buyer- the transaction was cancelled because I am not allowed to sell these..??? Hundreds of other people are selling these. I will not be getting my gift cards back. The buyer just gets to use the $100 gift cards and Mercari is unreachable to help. Why would Mercari cancel an active transaction? The item wasn't just... More...
    Kstone's Picture   Kstone    1 Comments   Comments
  • Mercari are scammers and criminals

    I'd like to tell you people exactly what I think about your app. I think you are criminals and I'm worried that you have my financial info tbh. You act all high and mighty like you don't allow counterfeit items, yet you are the site that sells the most counterfeit items ever. At least one a hour if not more. There's always this new rule or that new rule that you threaten sellers about. And you protect the scammers that buy before you protect a proven honest seller. You make me sick and I pray you go out of business asap. I'm reporting you to BBB and I hear you have... More...
    Patricia1001's Picture   Patricia1001    0 Comments   Comments
  • Filled with Scammers, Awful Customer Service

    I originally signed up with Mercari when a Poshmark client told me that Mercari only takes 10% of the sale rather than Poshmark's 20%. hat makes a BIG difference when you are selling a big ticket item. But I have now had 3 out of 3 BAD experiences with Mercari and its customer service is AWFUL. I had a woman claim my LV bag was fake, and it was not. Apparently, she just wanted to test drive my property. Another claimed there was damage to a John Hardy 18K gold and sterling silver necklace she purchased from me at 80% off. I am now told she is sending it back to me damaged.... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    mfprevost's Picture   mfprevost    0 Comments   Comments
  • Terrible customer service, full of scammers

    I purchased a designer handbag I later found out was counterfeit. I then requested a refund from customer service, only to wait several days before I got a response and they said they would give me a return label but didn't. I told them where's my return label, only to wait several more days until finally getting it. They told me to ship the item by the date printed on the label and found out it was already the last day. I was furious but there was no point in messaging them back at this point when they would only reply to me whenever they felt like it. I had to rush to the post... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    acidmin's Picture   acidmin    0 Comments   Comments
  • Discrimination and Harassment!!

    This is the WORST company I've ever been a part of. These people are just crazy!! I bought and sold on here for about a year now and have been treated like garbage since I became an established seller. They find "certain" people to harass and falsely accuse of breaking their rules. Then they hand out severe disciplinary actions that are completely unfounded. I was accused of Copyright Infringement for selling a bracelet that I had actually bought on Mercari! There was no copyright offense!!?? Then they accused me of having "multiple accounts" which of course was a... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    And5300's Picture   And5300    2 Comments   Comments

    This is the worst app ever. I welcome the chance to treat them like they treat us. Like crap! These robots are seriously mentally deficient. I am 67 years old so I have been around. NEVER have I dealt with such hateful, paranoid, crazy, unreasonable useless beings!! They don't help their members at all. Just answer questions with robo answers copied and pasted. Having nothing to do with your problem or question. They cancel people right and left for the goofiest reasons. Sooo many people I met on there are there one day and gone the next and they get no explanations. Read the reviews... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    banjones's Picture   banjones    1 Comments   Comments
  • Account deletion

    I am very angry in the fact that i am a frequent user of mercury and have spent lots of money using this app and randomly at 2am my account has been deleted for no reason. i would really love if the company could undelete it or email me because i use this app daily if not i will not be using this app further and will have to share this bad experience with all my friends that i shared this app with More...
  • Descoware pot cooware

    I am with mercari for a year and had been a good buyer for a year , recently Jan 10 2017, I bought a cast iron pot , it came with a big chunk of paint had been chip off I requested to return the item to seller one of the team member Maria took over, and I did not know what happy to my page it got freeze it wouldn't send messages or photos, and the company set the way now, you can reach out to them, nobody can call it is totally no help anyway. More...
    (Delivery Services)
    Anoldfool's Picture   Anoldfool    0 Comments   Comments
  • Account Wrongly Closed- Poor Customer Service

    They deleted my account and accused me of fraud and maintaining multiple accounts. I had only one account and had made 2 small purchases under $6 in 6 months. I never sold on the site. After 5 emails and the continued response from them in form letter, I have no answers. They keep saying that I had received multiple warnings. I did not. They will not provide copies of the warnings nor will they give me dates of the warnings. They will not tell me what part of my personal info is duplicated on another account. I am concerned THEY may be a front for fraud and identity theft. More...
    sahm00's Picture   sahm00    1 Comments   Comments
  • My address is not working and I KNOW it's valid.

    So awhile back my mom gave me a debit card and I decided that I wanted to use it on mercari. At the time she gave it to me, we were away so I decided that I'd use it when I got back home. When I got back home, I decided to use my card. I entered all of my information including my address, zip code, etc. and I even DOUBLE CHECKED IT and I googled it just to make sure I was entering the correct address code and that my address was valid. I then entered my debit card number and clicked "add card" When I did this, something popped up telling me to "check my zip billing... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    Orinana's Picture   Orinana    1 Comments   Comments
  • Mercari refuses to release my sales proceeds to me

    Re: Item ID : m850152773 usps tracking # 9361289683090129217585 Mercari is still holding my money after the buyer ignored my requests & Mercari's requests for rating the transaction. 2 days ago Noreen at Mercari wrote that she's gonna make 1 last attempt to get me rated so that I can get paid by asking buyer one last time to rate. However this buyer choses to ignore the request again. You'd think Noreen will respect her promise to rate me so that I can get paid. Aaron & james Z said no they want to give more time to the buyer when the policy clearly gives buyers 3... More...
    Greatmom4's Picture   Greatmom4    2 Comments   Comments
  • Contradicting company

    Mercari can't keep their own policies straight, including what they write in their FAQs. From one sentence to another on their policies (such as returns, receiving funds, etc) they contradict themselves and don't make sense. If you contact customer service, they almost always favor the buyer. This is an issue because lots of buyers on there buy something and never open the app again. In order to get your money, you need them to rate you. Mercari will put up a never ending battle to get the sellers their money, and they never follow their own policy. I had to screenshot their... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    sammymommy123's Picture   sammymommy123    0 Comments   Comments
  • Horrible Company

    They deleted all my listings and suspended my account on CHRISTMAS! They said I was engaging with customers about trading. A customer would ask to trades and I would say I DO NOT TRADE. Apparently, that means I engaged in trading? But, that isn't even the worst part! I bought a Kylie Birthday Edition mini matte lipsticka. They seller swore it was real, and when I received it, it was completely fake. They actually contained glue! So, i contated Mercaru about a eefund, it took them 4 days to approve it and they approved it the night before Thanksgiving! So, my public library was closed... More...
    tnstetter7's Picture   tnstetter7    0 Comments   Comments

    I've used Mercari for years and have enjoyed my experience. The events that occurred today have showed me that there is ZERO customer support, and no security with my credit card information. Today a username commented on a bracelet listing saying that they wanted me to email them because they were interested in a dress I had posted. I had copied down the email, and within a minute, the comment was gone. Did not say it was deleted but the comment was completely gone like it was never there. I emailed the user, and got a quick response with writing that was confusing and did not make... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    Melissagreen's Picture   Melissagreen    1 Comments   Comments
  • Be Careful

    Even with a tracking number, You lose with this company ! A person can say they never got the item and you are on your own. They will cancel the order, The buyer keeps his money and your item, The post office says it was delivered and you're screwed, Then Mercari say they not responsible, You better off getting in your car and delivering it yourself M. Never will trust this bad system again ! More...
    (Delivery Services)
    Kenwetalk's Picture   Kenwetalk    5 Comments   Comments
  • they want my Social Security number to shop online??

    I have done a lot of online shopping and have never been asked to verify my identity to do so. I have purchased three things from Mercari (infant shoes and 2 outfits) for my soon to be granddaughter. I went to checkout from a purchase of a Nike hat and bootie set and a message popped up saying my account had been suspended indefinitely and I could no longer like, but, sell items on Mercari. I was like, wth?? I sent a message and asked them wth??, and told them I should have listened to all the horrible reviews ect. I received a request form asking to "verify my identity" and... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    Tgleason777's Picture   Tgleason777    0 Comments   Comments
  • Fake apple I phone 7 plus seller name sneaker head

    Fake remade I phone!! I purchased what I thought was a apple I phone 7 plus for 250.00$ and it wound up being fake!!! I complained to mercari sent them photos and proof of scam so they approved the refund only after item arrives back to seller! Now in the meantime I accidentally send it to the wrong area with wrong shipping label and the customer support lady asks me to send it to her in a message the next day of pictures and without resolving the issue mercari automatically released my funds to the seller!! In the meantime they guy made 200$ plus more off of others with selling more and... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    Kirahall's Picture   Kirahall    0 Comments   Comments

    I was sent an email on 12/04/2016 @ 1:29am that my account was under review & within a couple of hours my user privileges & account was REVOKED. I was a good seller with legitimate products, the product in question was one recently purchased on this very site...HOW IRONIC! PENALIZE ME FOR PRODUCTS SOLD BY THE PAGE ON THIS SITE. I really don't care that I can't sell on this site anymore, I just want my purchases & MY MONEY FROM SALES! This site values CROOKS & NOT HONEST SELLERS!! DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME ON THIS TRASHY SITE! More...
    Msneva's Picture   Msneva    0 Comments   Comments
  • Mercari can't stand by their refund policy

    I purchased a skirt which was listed as good condition. When I received it, I found some light brown marks and wanted to return it. The customer service representative Ron denied my request because the item was listed as "good condition" so it's NORMAL to have stains. And he said if I don't like it, I can relist it for a new buyer...WTF?! Why would I have to list a skirt with stains and find another dummy buyers in order to get my money back? Totally unacceptable. I won't purchase again. More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    bibufish's Picture   bibufish    2 Comments   Comments
  • Mercari deleted my account by accident!!!!

    I was buying a new sweatshirt off of the mercari app and I commented to the seeker telling them I would be buying off another account which was my aunts account. She decided to give me an early Christmas present and pay for the sweater off of her account. This is the reason I told the person I was buying from that I was going to buy off another account. A few hours later I received a notification from mercari saying they believed I was committing fraud and that I had multiple accounts under my name. Keep in mind I did not I just used my aunts account to buy the sweatshirt as she wanted to... More...
    (Online Shopping - Sponsored by AMAZON.COM)
    Dcarty404's Picture   Dcarty404    2 Comments   Comments
  • STILL dont have my product

    I bought a phone case from someone about a month ago and the trackjng number worked but it never changed the process it was going through. -as if the seller never actually shipped it, now after complaining to them that if i dont get it in the next week or so ill be returning their item and i will not be rating them. Now i no longer have access to the tracking number! What the actual heck do i do?! More...
    (Delivery Services)
    Bertrama62498's Picture   Bertrama62498    0 Comments   Comments
  • Returning items

    I will never be using this app again or promote it to be used! In many cases item that are used are being sold on this app. For that reason it doesn't fair to return items becaus a person can purchase something and then use it and return it. I usually sell my items on poshmark and all sales are final. One girl tricked me into selling my stuff on mercari and of course they don't charge as much for the fee but It doesn't feel as "safe" to do business as poshmark. Now I would like to receive my return ASAP to resell it and the buyer is trying to negotiate prices. After... More...
    Joycequijano's Picture   Joycequijano    1 Comments   Comments
  • Got suspended for wrong reason

    I woke up this morning "We noticed that you posted a comment that promotes and advertises your personal account. Mercari does not support advertising or soliciting in any format. We have removed this comment for you" and my account was under review and then i got this messege "Your ability to sell and create new listings has been suspended for 1 month. However, you are still able to purchase, Like, and Comment on existing listings" I contacted them twice and they're keep repeating the same answer over and over Here is the policy that I haven't violated... More...
    Koko2000's Picture   Koko2000    1 Comments   Comments
  • Suspended my account...FOR NO GOOD REASON!

    I have enjoyed buying from Mercari. I have purchased a few pair of shoes....only to try for a 3rd pair, and received an email saying my account has been suspended for 'suspicious' activity. (??) They are demanding either a full photo of my license OR my SS #!!! Isn't it ILLEGAL, to ask for confidential information like this? I have NEVER been asked for that kind of information from a company. I called my attorney and he agreed to NEVER give that kind of information out, and if they are threatening this is the only way to reactivate my account, they should be banned from... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    phtraynor's Picture   phtraynor    4 Comments   Comments
  • oUch

    I just used this app for the first time. I bought a travel size benefit blush and a sample size posie tint. When I got the items I was initially happy until I saw that the same woman had multiple listings for the same items. I commented asking where they come from and she deleted my comment! I believe what I got is fake and the worst part is that I fell for it and gave her a good rating before I figured her out. There is also a woman who keeps making accounts to sell fake mac lipstick. I asked her where hers came from and she deleted the listing and put it up again! She was going by... More...
    EvilQueen's Picture   EvilQueen    9 Comments   Comments
  • unresponsive

    O my gosh worse company ever!!!!!! im a stay at home mom and i sell things to make a living its 5 days already since a buyer got a item delivered they have not rated me to get payed so i contact customer service like there help page i have been waiting 5 days with out any response Back also i bought something that was not as described so i also message them for a refund and no response also for this matter here are the item number i need refund for m949903949 and i need to be rated to get my funds for m912944243 and m274016580 More...
  • Mercari Bands their good sellers!

    I had been using this app for about a month. I have 106 great reviews, very happy customers. Then I get a message saying my account is under review for referencing outside sites. The site I reference was a PRICE GUIDE. I tried to explain this to them but I was banned anyway. Their reply was "sorry for the confusion but we will not refurbish your account". Now my customers are upset, all of my 200 listings were just deleted (hours of work) and I am not allowed to ever sell on there again. They do nothing to their users who manipulate, backstab, or never ship the item you bought,... More...
    (Online Shopping - Sponsored by AMAZON.COM)
    Mercarisucks's Picture   Mercarisucks    7 Comments   Comments
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