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  • Suspended account

    I have a MAJOR issue! Me & my sister at this moment live in the same house hold & both have 2 separate accounts....We both got a msg saying it looks like ONE person has two accounts and that one would be my sister wrote them back and explained the situation and they reinstated her account...however on my account •Alyssa• they keep saying you are operating more than one account and that I will have to choose which account to keep and the other will be deleted... me and my sister have had two separate marcari accounts for three years now and both are in good... More...
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  • Can’t follow sellers

    I have been following sellers that I’m interested in just like I do everywhere else. I have only followed 200 people. It won’t let me follow anymore. I deleted a few to see if I would be able to add some new ones. I was able to, but only until my total hit 200 again. How am I supposed to get exposure as a new seller if I can’t follow other sellers? Also, trying to reach their customer service is a joke. I have only found one way. I have to create a fake issue for an item I have bought. Then I proceed to explain my real problem. Nothing yet More...
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  • Customer service is not reply

    I've been going around and ask for help but mercari seem to not reply and not try to help me at all, now my account get suspended for some stupid reason, you ask me to verify my identity, I did but you said you can't verify and ask me to contact the help center, they usually took more than 24 hours to reply me, and so my account may be will close by you before they reply, please help, ai really need you to cancel the suspension and reply my message from the help center in the next 5 hours or I will have to contact my lawyer to interfere. The shipping address I used for the account... More...
    (Legal Services)
  • Chat Messaging

    Mercari some how changed messaging. I've been asking as a seller, how can I chat or message to someone that has liked an item I'm selling. Previously I would thank the person for liking my item, and chat if they were interested and possibly making a sale. I want to continue thanking the person that likes an item? Is it possible? More...
  • Inappropriate seller

    I was looking at this cute stuffed rabbit for my little brother, I was interested in this so I asked how much for free shipping, she said you're kidding right? Then I said nope l, and I said like 10 and free shipping.?.i was interested in more of her things, and I said her bio which said no free shipping,so I went back and said never mind no thx, that's when she said "yeah next time you're gonna message someone please read the description first, I'm blocking you for your ignorance. Bye." More...
  • Haven't received payment

    Item# 11984351. Sold by ashirle to Lorrane Schuster. I at first sent the wrong suit. You all gave her a return label I got it back. Mean while I had shipped her the correct one I paid shipping this time and Asps tracking # 9405510200793287878962. She has it now and you refunded her so I messaged her and no answer. How am I going to get paid my $25.00? I have been trying to get ahold of you all. More...
  • Mercari stole my money

    Mercari put a hold on my account. I bought a phone on an online site & it came with Mercari app on it. I signed up for direct deposit & changed all info to my name. When I put my name on direct deposit to deposit the 512.00$ I had on the aacount from sales, they put a hold on my acct for no reason at all & asked me for my SS # & pics of my license, I gladly sent & they still will not release my funds, is that legal? Can they hold my money & keep it? Dont they at least have to release my money? Its over 500$!! Im shocked, they had no problem taking 10% out of sales,... More...
  • Discount coupon

    My first issue is that it is entirely too hard to contact someone who has some control over my money. Secondly, I recently purchased a pair of men's size 12 sneakers off the site and I had a 30% off coupon but I don't think it was applied (according to the amount I paid), but it's (the coupon) into longer available. I would gladly appreciate if someone (from Mercari) would contact me on this issue. Thanks in advance More...
  • Refund

    I ordered UGG BOOTS seller updated tracking information 7 days later tracking number never update contact seller several times no response contact MEECARI who tells me I need to work it out with the seller but how can you work something out with a,seller who is unresponsive then once you contact them In regards to a particular problem and they respond you are not allowed any further contact in regards to the matter.. More...
  • Someone using my phone number for account

    My name is Janet B Wassell. A Ms Jami Stafford is using my phone number for her Mercari account and I want it closed immediately if not sooner. This has been my number for more than 16 years. You may contact me by email to obtain the number as well as other information you may need. I want this addressed immediately. You may reach me at jbwassell@gmail.come. Thank you in advanced for your anticipated cooperation concerning this matter. Janet B Wassell More...
  • Shipping Label Help!

    I recently just sold my first item on Mercari for $5 free shipping since what I sold weighed less than and ounce the USPS would send it with tracking for about $2.50 BUT Mercari sent me a label and it says it's $5 -$4 Shipping Label =$1 for you ! Was there a button I was supposed to press so they knew I wanted to ship it myself? Is there a way to cancel that shipping label? Please help I want to ship today! More...
  • Need to cancel a sale

    I did not realize shipping my product out would cost me almost the whole amount I sold it for. I cannot sell a Wii system worth much more but agreed to 40.00 and free shipping and then looked up cheapest shipping and it's like 25 dollars plus I need all the stuff to ship it and tape it so it does not break during shipment. I will relist it with shipping if I can but I cannot and will not spent more money to ship the item, if I do I lose money and the product! Can you help me cancel this transaction? More...
  • Flag

    Flagging system sucks. My husband and I are very unsatisfied. Only some are flagged while others remain listed. Anyone can flag just for the hell of it. We have had numerous items flagged and removed while competors continue to sell and almost all of our items that were flagged were allowed, according to Mercari. EITHER we ALL sell, or NO ONE sells. What the hell are these 3 for 30$ ($30) is on sale on Mercari, check it out! ADULT TOY BUNDLE ($30) is on sale on Mercari, check it out! More...
  • Mercari cancelled a transaction I shipped!

    I sold a purse for $75, printed the shipping label at home myself via usps, dropped it at the post office and they notified me it was the incorrect postage so they provided a new tracking number, problem is I had already put the original tracking number so I asked mercari if I could update it and they canceled the whole transaction! I've been contacting them with no response, so my buyer gets a free purse and I am out of $75. How can I contact them to get my money back? More...
  • Got Scammed

    This is the second time I have a problem with an item i bought from mercari app. The sellers advertised their item as working but when I received it. Its a useless piece of junk. The first complaint was resolved after almost 2 weeks of trying to get ahold of their CS. Today I received an email that they complete a transaction that I received last Monday which I contacted them right away that the item is not as described by the seller. The seller advertised it as working and the picture is really nice and the seller has excellent ratings. But I couldn't use the item she sent me as it... More...
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  • Delivery issues, no response

    I sold a Tuffany bracelet, printed the shipping label. The package was 'Undeliverable' and returned to my state but not to me. Got sent back to the buyer's state and then got returned to me. I tried contacting Mercari via their in app options and received a generic response to send a picture of the technical difficulty. I asked if I could get a new shipping label to send the item to the corrected address. More...
  • Item Purchased

    I recently purchased a ps4 from the Mercari app. the problem is the buyer informs me a day later saying that he has to cancel the order due too damage to the item. Now he claimed to have submitted a ticket for cancellation, I did the same. There is still no response from Mercari's customer service despite me submiting it withing the recommended hours for customer service. It would be great if SOMEONE could reply so me and the seller can move on. Please and thank you. More...
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